How ‘Zodiac’ May Be the Most Accurate Movie Based on a True Story Ever

Often when a movie says it’s based on a true story, you know to completely ignore that and assume it’s probably mostly fiction. But in the case of the movie Zodiac, that’s not the case.

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Zodiac is a 2007 movie directed by David Fincher about the hunt for the Zodiac serial killer in San Francisco. The film wasn’t a huge box office success, but it’s gained a major following in the years since for both its quality as well as its accuracy.

And by accuracy, we don’t just mean the plot details are accurate to real-life events, which is true about Zodiac. Fincher paid an insane amount of detail to making sure the movie reflected real-life as much as possible. This includes digitally re-creating 1967 San Francisco, getting near identical clothing to ones worn by the victims to even re-constructing houses in the background of the famous crime scenes.

The YouTube channel Film Radar created a video showing just how much attention Fincher made to being as accurate as possible. Take a look:

If you haven’t seen Zodiac, you should definitely do so right now! And if you have, you should still do so because you’ll probably catch something amazing you missed the first time!

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