Here’s Everything We Know About ‘Wonder Woman 2’

Wonder Woman was a huge hit and one of the most well-received superhero movies of all time. So you know the upcoming sequel is going to get tons of attention, and now we know our first details about the movie.

First of all, we know the movie is called Wonder Woman 1984 and will be set in…1984. We also know the villain of the movie is Cheetah, an anthropologist who accidentally becomes the embodiment of an ancient god. Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot shared an image from the upcoming movie on Twitter:

We also know that Chris Pine is returning to the movie as Steve Trevor. If you saw the first movie, you’ll remember that Trevor was Wonder Woman’s love interest throughout the movie, but he sacrificed himself at the very end of the film.

So how is Steve Trevor alive? Also, why does he look so young for someone who should be about 70 years older than he was during World War One?

Who knows! All we know is if it’s anywhere near as good as the first movie, it will be a must see.

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