Here’s Why NBC Decided to Rescue ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Hulu possibly picking up Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Over the weekend NBC announced it would rescue Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a comedy series that was cancelled by Fox last week. And now we know why.

While talking with reporters NBC Entertainment Group chief Bob Greenblatt explained why he brought back Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He said the show “fits into our brand of comedy, in many ways better than it ever fit on Fox.” Greenblatt also said he would never have let the show go to Fox in the first place if he knew Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg was going to star in it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was one of many shows cancelled by Fox last week after the network announced a new creative direction. Fans of the show protested the cancellation and called on another network or streaming service to renew the show. While Hulu and TBS were initially seen as the frontrunners, NBC swept in and renewed the show for a sixth season.

But don’t think Brooklyn Nine-Nine is only getting one final season. Greenblatt says he’s open to bringing the show back for a seventh season as well, especially considering the show’s syndication potential.

So NBC didn’t just save Brooklyn Nine-Nine for one year. They may have saved it for several more years to come!

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