Good News, ‘Westworld’ Renewed for Season Three

Westworld is one of the most confusing shows on television right now, but it’s also one of the coolest and most popular as well. And it looks like we’ll have at least one more year of crazy wild, wild west themed adventures.

HBO announced yesterday that they’ve renewed Westworld for a third season. This is really not much of a surprise. Westworld is perhaps HBO’s most popular show besides Game of Thrones.

The first season of Westworld was shrouded in controversy surrounding production delays. The show was introduced way back in 2013, but took over three years to complete the first season of the show. However, it clearly worked out as it became HBO’s biggest premiere show since True Detective. Season two of the show premiered two weeks ago, over one year after the end of season one.

It’s unclear how long the makers of the show will take in between seasons two and three, but it’s likely going to be another extended hiatus similar to the one between the first and second season. There’s also no word on what actors are coming back for the third season, probably so fans won’t get spoiled about any potential deaths in the ongoing season.

Also, we’re guessing season three will be just as mysterious and confusing as the first two seasons, which is totally fine with us!

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