Based on Parks and Recreation, you’d have to assume that Pawnee, Indiana is the greatest small town in America. Over the course of the show, they held a giant concert for a deceased small horse, had several controversies involving public parks and featured some of the funniest, greatest and coolest characters in television history.

If you love Parks and Recreation, then you must love Pawnee as well. And what better way to show off your love for both the show and the town than by purchasing this “Welcome to Pawnee” banner?

Here are Screenbid, we’re auctioning off nearly 300 props and items used on the set of Parks and Recreation. And while all of these items are amazing in their own way, this is the only one that says, “I literally belong in Pawnee, Indiana more than anyone else.” This is guaranteed to make any friends of yours who are fans of the show laugh when you bring them to your place.

You can bid on this awesome “Welcome to Pawnee” banner right here. Or you can view all of the items we have available for auction right here.

Andy’s Navy Parks and Recreation Jacket

The Parks and Recreation department is the foundation for Andy’s life. He started there shining shoes and worked his way up to Ben’s assistant, meeting his wife and best friends along the way. This might be just the thing your lovable work in progress needs to get his life together.

April Ludgate Deputy Director Desk Plaque

The only thing Andy cares about more than music? The love of his life April Ludgate. Sure, they married after only a month of dating, but Andy was able to melt the icy cold heart of unfeeling April in one of the most inspiring yet odd pairings of tv history.

Mouse Rat Poster

Obviously, a real-life Andy needs evidence of the greatest band ever created, Mouse Rat, formerly known as Scarecrow Boat, Two Doors Down, Threeskin, Teddy Bear Suicide, Razordick and Rat Mouse.

Catch Your Dream CD

For one night only, Andy teamed up with the illusive Duke Silver to write and record Leslie’s campaign anthem, “Catch Your Dream.” Sounds inspiring but if you listen closely you’ll hear Andy’s exact plan for said dream, “Beat it senseless...crush its soul and clip its wings.”

Johnny Karate Signed Picture

Commemorate Andy’s greatest musical success the "Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show" with Johnny Karate. Andy got to sing, dress up like a ninja and hangout with kids – was there ever a greater job created?

Mouse Rat 5000 Candles In The Wind Album

After decades of trying to make it as a Dave Matthews-esque singer, Andy finally gets his big break performing “5000 Candles in the Wind” at Li’l Sebastian’s funeral for all of Pawnee.

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