This Website Documented Every Running Gag on ‘Arrested Development’

One of the best aspects of Arrested Development is the show’s emphasis on running gags. And now one website exists to track them all. is a website that has documented every single running gag over the entire course of Arrested Development, including the newly released fifth season on Netflix. This includes physical gags, such as shoulder rubs, situations (such as awkwardness between George Michael and Maebe) and quotes (No Touching!).

On the front page of the site, there’s a list of running gags on the left and episodes on the right. Clicking on a running gag will show you every episode in which it is featured. And clicking on an episode will show you every running gag that appears in it.

The website’s also compiled a list of the most used running gags on the show. Take a look:

Not really surprised that Tobias’ many inadvertent sexual innuendos is number one, especially considering he basically says one every time he opens his mouth on the show. Although a little surprised A Bluth Being Dishonest isn’t higher, considering that’s basically every single thing a Bluth does over the course of the show.

Let’s hope we’ll get more running gags for this website to document in the future.

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