Val Kilmer Returning for ‘Top Gun 2’

Top Gun is a classic 1980’s film that really encapsulates the attitude of the entire decade. And now it appears the sequel will attempt to recapture as much of that magic as possible.

Yesterday it was reported that Val Kilmer will reprise his role in the original Top Gun movie in the sequel, called Top Gun: Maverick. The new movie will be about Air Force pilots dealing with their field increasingly becoming reliant on drones. Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Maverick from the original movie, now a flight instructor for the Air Force.

In the original Top Gun, Kilmer played Iceman, the rival of Cruise’s Maverick. But at the end of the movie, the two find a newfound respect for each other after fighting off enemy aircraft together.

The only question is how big Kilmer’s role will be. Kilmer admitted last year that he had been diagnosed with cancer, and media reports suggest that it affected his throat. A surgery to remove the cancer supposedly altered his voice and made it hard for him to speak. This resulted in many of Kilmer’s lines being removed from his most recent movie, The Snowman, because it was difficult to understand him.

But if Kilmer’s fully recovered from his surgery, then we cannot wait to see what the Iceman’s up to in 2018.

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