TV Bones to auction off Booth’s beer helmet, Gormogon’s skeleton

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Entertainment Weekly Reported March 29, 2017 BY: DAN [email protected]

The lab may have been blown to bits in last night’s series finale of Bones, but you can still recover a few things from the ashes. And from other parts of the set.

Screenbid is hosting an auction that includes more than 1,000 props, wardrobe pieces, and memorabilia that accumulated during 12 seasons of Fox’s forensic anthropology crime procedural starring David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel. What kinds of Bones bits can you try to buy? The bounty features Agent Booth’s desk (Bobblehead Bobby not included), his beer helmet (strategically placed comic book not included), his FBI ID, and Brennan’s prop published books (finally, read page 187 for yourself!). Also up for bidding: Dr. Brennan’s lab coat from the final season, Booth and Brennan’s living room couch, Gormogon’s silver skeleton, Zack’s King of the Lab trophy, Jeffersonian Institute forensics kits, Angela’s artwork and artsy lab coats, and Hodgins’ particulates.

The auction, which begins today and runs for 15 days, can be found here at Be sure to read our interviews with Bones star Emily Deschanel and showrunner Michael Peterson.

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