Super Bowl 51 Ring Purchased by Tom Brady Being Put Up for Auction

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After winning a world championship, American sports teams receive elaborate rings to celebrate their triumphs. But apparently when you’re five-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady, you can afford to give away one of those precious prizes.

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A Super Bowl LI ring purchased by New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is being put up for auction at Goldin Auctions. While players are given a ring by their team, they can also allow their friends and family to buy rings that look identical to the ones given to the actual athletes. It is one of those identical rings that is being auctioned off by Goldin. While the seller is anonymous, we do know that it was Brady who approved this person to receive the ring.

There are slight differences between the auctioned off ring and the actual championship rings worn by the players. The ring at auction has only 260 diamonds, compared to 283 (because of the 28-3 comeback) in the ones given to players. The auction ring is also 10 percent smaller than the one given to players. But the ring being auctioned off is still valued at nearly $30,000 just from the diamonds and gold alone.

Super Bowl LI occurred last season when the Patriots made a remarkable comeback to win after being down 28-3 in the third quarter to the Atlanta Falcons. Considering how historic that comeback is, it’s likely people will be willing to spend a lot to purchase this ring.

Goldin says he expect this ring to sell for six figures. In 2013 he auctioned off a similar ring that was purchased by Kobe Bryant for the Los Angeles Lakers 2000 NBA championship, and it received $173,102.

The Brady ring will be up for auction until February 17th.

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