Tina Fey Schools David Letterman in Improv

By April 30, 2018 No Comments

Tina Fey and David Letterman are two of the funniest people ever, so putting them on one stage is a guaranteed laugh riot. But who will get the biggest laugh out of the two of them?

Fey appears on the most recent episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Letterman’s limited episode talk show he developed for Netflix. In a clip from the episode, Letterman and Fey perform an improv scene together. Take a look:

To be fair, Fey is significantly younger than Letterman, so it’s much easier for her to come up with those quick one-liners. Also she’s an actually trained improv actor, whereas Letterman’s a standup who became a TV host.

Now we’re just hoping we can get a whole Netflix series featuring the two of them.

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