The Get Down

One of the best thing about the Netflix show The Get Down was how well it captured the atmosphere of the 1970’s. From the clothes to the music to the furniture, the show truly exemplified disco culture. Perhaps no character personified that 1970’s more than Cadillac, the prince of the disco world.

As part of that disco world, Cadillac was known for his eccentric taste in furniture. But the undeniably coolest piece was his peacock bar.

If you’re like us, you probably wanted this bar in your life. Well now you can! Here are Screenbid, we’re auctioning off hundreds of items from The Get Down, and while many of them are cool, none of them will prepare your house for a Disco party more than this peacock bar.

And yes, this is a fully functional bar that you can use for storing all of your beverage needs.

To bid on Cadillac’s peacock bar, click on the image below. And you can view all the items from The Get Down available for auction right here.

Cadillac’s Peacock Bar

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