A Prequel Movie to ‘The Sopranos’ is Being Made

Ever since The Sopranos went off-air in 2006, fans have clamored for any sort of follow-up to the acclaimed HBO drama. Well, it appears they may finally get their wish.

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Reports came out today that a prequel to The Sopranos is currently in production. The working title is The Many Saints of Newark and will focus on the era surrounding the Newark riots in the 1960’s and the tensions between the city’s Italian and African-American residents.

In addition to the setting, it’s believed that Giovanni “Johnny Boy” Soprano, the father of Sopranos protagonist Tony Soprano, his wife Livia Soprano and his brother Corrado “Uncle Junior” Soprano will be the characters in the film.

The Sopranos ended controversially with a fade-to-black screen that did not reveal the true fate of Tony Soprano. For years afterwards, fans clamored for a follow-up movie or miniseries to truly end the story, but Sopranos creator David Chase said he had no plans to do so. This was further complicated when James Gandolfini, who played Tony on the series, tragically passed away in 2013.

But Chase always left the door open for a possible prequel, and he helped co-write the Many Saints screenplay.

Who knows, maybe we’ll get another prequel movie in the future that shows how Tony got involved in the mob world.

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