A Rare Cut of ‘The Shining’ With a Deleted Scene is Up for Auction

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The Shining is considered one of the greatest horror movies ever made with an iconic performance from Jack Nicholson and some creepy directing by Stanley Kubrick. But now a rarely seen version of the film could be made available to the public.

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Italian auction website Aste Bolaffi is auctioning off a rare version of The Shining that almost no one’s ever seen. The cut was provided to the website by Kubrick’s assistant, along with tons of memorabilia from the director’s other iconic films.

This rare version of the movie is supposedly longer than any cut ever seen publicly, and contains a deleted scene that’s never been seen before. The website simply describes the scene as, “Wendy, played by Shelley Alexis Duvall, carries Danny, played by little Danny Lloyd.”

This cut is actually even more rare when you consider that Kubrick supposedly burnt all the leftover versions of the movie after he finished editing.

The starting price for this extended cut is $3,700. The website is also auctioning off the jacket warn by Nicholson in the movie, with a starting price at $12,000.

Check out the auction at Aste Bolaffi.

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