‘The Sandlot’ Returning to Theaters for 25th Anniversary

The Sandlot is a beloved baseball movie that people have loved ever since it came out 25 years ago. And to honor this major anniversary, the movie is coming back to theaters.

The Sandlot will return to theaters next month as part of its 25th anniversary. Screenings of the film will also include a sneak peak at an upcoming documentary about the making of the movie. The screenings will take place on July 22 and 24.

The movie is set in the early 1960’s and is about a group of kids playing baseball. While the movie wasn’t a huge hit when it first came out, it’s become a cult classic over the years and new generations have been exposed to the movie. Today, it’s often discussed along with some of the other great baseball movies ever made.

In fact, the movie became so popular that 12 years after its release, the studio made a sequel to it. But the second movie didn’t capture the magic of the original.

If you haven’t seen the original, this is a great chance to finally catch up. And if you have seen it, bring someone you know who hasn’t seen it. Seriously, it’s The Sandlot! Why would you eve need to think about watching it again?

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