In 2003, a small independent movie came out called The Room that changed the world. Written, directed and starring an unknown Tommy Wiseau, the movie soon became famous for being…well…really bad. It’s largely considered one of the worst movies ever made, and yet why it’s become incredibly popular.

Well now The Room could become even more popular as its set to receive a theatrical release.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that The Room will receive a wide theatrical release on January 10th, 14 years after the movie originally hit theaters. The movie will also feature a trailer for Wiseau’s follow-up film, called Best F(r)iends, that’s coming out later next year.

The Room initially gained popularity in Los Angeles and New York where local theaters would host midnight screenings of the cult film. Audiences would recite the lines along with the movie as it played, and people enjoyed the utter zaniness of it. Many people have noted the weird dialogue, non-sensical plot, over-long sex scenes and many other factors that make it one of the most unusual movies ever made.

Earlier this year, a movie portraying the making of The Room hit theaters called The Disaster Artist. The film starred James Franco as Wiseau, and brought The Room’s cult status to the mainstream. With a larger audience now aware of this bizarre flick, it appears the producers are looking to cash in on the attention.

You can purchase tickets for the wide release of The Room here. And below is a map of all the locations where the film will be screened:

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