Fans of ‘The Office’ Believe They’ve Discovered the Identity of the Show’s ‘Scranton Strangler’

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The Office was an NBC comedy series set in a fictional paper supplier in Pennsylvania. But fans of the show have treated it like a real-life mystery, and we may finally know the solution.

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During the course of the show, a storyline developed around a serial killer called the “Scranton Strangler.” At first there’s simply a few references to the killer, but near the end of the show’s run he’s actually caught and ends up being convicted at trial. But after the show ended, many fans set out to prove that the “Scranton Strangler” was falsely accused, and the actual killer was a cast member on The Office.

And the main suspect: Toby Flenderson.

Toby is the lonely HR employee in the Scranton branch who pines for receptionist Pam Beesly and gets picked on by Michael Scott throughout the show. But apparently it was all just a ruse to hide his killing spree. Here’s some of the evidence collected by fans:

Twitter user Spencer McClure points out that the Scranton Strangler doesn’t start killing until around the time that Pam, Toby’s love interest, marries her boyfriend Jim Halpert. This emotional time, along with years of abuse at the hands of his boss and his lonely life, leads him to kill.

He then notes that on the day the Strangler is caught, everyone is present except for Toby…

And that the car the Strangler drives is similar to one used by an employee of Dunder Mifflin.

Other fans proposed their own evidence as well:

Now, Toby later served on the jury that convicted the so-called “Scranton Strangler,” but ends up feeling guilty and tells his co-workers that he believes the convicted man is innocent. He ends up going to the prison to visit the Strangler, and he ends up getting attacked and strangled by the prisoner. That would seem to indicate he’s not the Strangler, right?

Wrong. Toby felt guilty about the Strangler being falsely convicted and tries to get him exonerated for make up for it. He goes to the prison to tell the “Strangler” that he’s the actual killer, out of guilt or to mock him, and gets attacked for it.

There’s more evidence not mentioned on the show, such as a season 8 episode where Toby reveals his deep knowledge of self-defense techniques that he teaches his co-workers. Did he learn it for his own protection, or so that he would know what moves his victims might try to pull when he attempts to strangle them?

Maybe if NBC brings back The Office, it won’t be a comedy, but rather a crime drama about Toby’s many murders.

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