Sylvester Stallone Returning for ‘Rambo V’

The Rambo series is one of the original blockbuster franchises from the 1980’s. And it appears the franchise isn’t over yet.

Sylvester Stallone will return for a fifth Rambo movie that will begin shooting this September. The movie will follow Rambo, who’s living on a ranch in Arizona suffering from PTSD. A friend’s daughter gets kidnapped while in Mexico, which leads the former soldier to travel south of the border to fight a Mexican cartel and break up a sex trafficking ring.

Stallone said back in 2016 that he was too old to play Rambo again, but clearly that’s changed. Also while Stallone co-wrote the previous four films in the franchise, it appears this will be the first movie in the series where he will not have a hand in the screenplay.

The Rambo series has had several failed plans to return after 2008’s Rambo. There were rumors of a reboot movie that would star a new Rambo not played by Stallone. There were also plans for a Fox television series that would be called Rambo: New Blood that would also serve as a reboot with a new actor in the role. Then there were previous plans for a fifth Rambo movie that would’ve been called Rambo: Last Blood.

Let’s hope this new movie is more First Blood and less 2008 Rambo.

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