Steven Spielberg Reveals He Owns One of the Most Iconic Movie Props Ever

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Steven Spielberg is one of the most iconic directors of all time, so you’d expect him to own some amazing props from his legendary movies. But it turns out the most valuable movie collectible Spielberg owns is not from one of his own films.

Spielberg was recently interviewed by BBC Radio 1 to promote his new movie, Ready Player One. After talking about some of his most famous movies, the interviewer asked what’s the most valuable prop Spielberg owns. The director replied, “The sled from Citizen Kane.”

For those not aware, in the movie Citizen Kane (considered one of the greatest of all time), the main character’s dying words are, “Rosebud,” and the movie is about journalists trying to figure out what that means. It’s revealed at the end of the movie that Rosebud is the name of his sled he owned as a boy.

Needless to say, this sled would have to be considered one of the greatest props in movie history, and it turns out it’s in Spielberg’s home! Apparently the movie studio created three versions of the sled to burn at the end of Citizen Kane, but director Orson Welles was pleased with the second take of the scene and they never needed to burn the third one.

Spielberg purchased the sled in the 1980’s at an auction, and has kept it in his home and office ever since. However, he says he’s planning to give it to the Academy of Motion Pictures to hang in a museum.

Here’s the clip of Spielberg talking about owning the sled, as well as some of the famous props from his own films that he owns as well:

Personally, we think Indiana Jones’ fedora would be slightly cooler, but Rosebud’s pretty good as well.

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