Fans Worry Sophie Turner’s New Tattoo Gives Away ‘Game of Thrones’ Spoilers

Game of Thrones will release its final season sometime next year, and fans are doing everything they can to avoid any possible spoilers. But turns out one of the show’s stars may have given away a spoiler with her newest tattoo.

Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, recently got a new tattoo that some fans worry could be a spoiler for the end of the show. The tattoo artists shared a picture of the tattoo, which says, “The pack survives,” along with a picture of the Stark family sigil, a direwolf.

Some have interpreted the tattoo to mean that the remaining Stark family will survive the events of Game of Thrones. Currently Sansa, her sister Arya and her brother Bran are the only surviving Starks, although their bastard half-brother Jon Snow (who is actually their cousin, but they don’t know that yet) is also alive.

Adding to this speculation is the fact that Turner herself has not published a picture of the tattoo, only the artist did. So some fans think she may be hiding it because she knows it’s a spoiler.

But the phrase “the pack survives,” has been referenced multiple times in Game of Thrones by both Sansa and her father Ned Stark. So Turner may just be using the phrase as a way to remember her television family.

But if this is a spoiler, then Sansa is about to drop in a lot of people’s rankings of favorite characters.

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