‘Solo’ Broke a Record for the ‘Star Wars’ Franchise

Solo: A Star Wars Story is coming out in only a few short days, but even though it’s not out yet, that doesn’t mean it’s not setting records.

Solo has setStar Wars record for being the most expensive movie in the entire franchise. The movie cost a reported $250 million to make, which is just slightly more than Force Awakens, which cost a reported $245 million. That includes if you adjust for inflation for the original movies. For instance, A New Hope cost $11 million to make in 1977, which would only be about $45 million by today’s standards.

Of course, part of that expense came from the unusual production of the movie. Solo was originally directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, best known for making the Lego movies. But near the end of filming, Lucasfilm decided to replace them with renowned director Ron Howard. This led to a series of re-shoots with Howard at the helm, which obviously cost the film a bit more money.

To understand how much Howard’s reshoots are in the film, he is receiving sole directorial credit on the movie and Lucasfilm says 70 percent of the final product was shot under Howard’s direction.

Considering the Star Wars movies generally generate around $1 billion at the box office, we’re sure Lucasfilm doesn’t mind this new record.

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