The Get Down

Anyone who’s watched an episode of The Get Down on Netflix knows the show has incredible costumes. From the funky hats to the stylish jewelry to the ridiculous jump suits the show managed to perfectly capture fashion during the 1970’s.

Perhaps the best clothing featured on the show were the shoes. It seemed like every character on The Get Down owned one of the freshest pairs of sneakers ever. And unlike wide-legged trousers, you can wear sneakers from the 70’s today and still look cool.

If you’re interested in adding some retro vibes to your shoe collection, here are 10 pairs of sneakers from The Get Down you can own right now.

DJ Big Planet’s Green Chucks

Let's face it, a lot of people like to show how cool and retro they are by wearing Chuck Taylors. And that's not a bad thing. But if you want to one up them, you should look into DJ Big Planet's Green Chucks.

MC Luke Skywalker Cage’s Keds

Today, people tend to prefer hi-tops over low-tops for silly reasons such as "ankle support." But a fresh pair of low-tops still looks as good as anything you'll find, as evidenced by this pair of MC Luke Skywalker Cage's white Keds.

DJ Big Planet’s Green Pumas

If you want to make your shoes stand out, sometimes you have to pick an offbeat color. Green is definitely an underrepresented color in sneakers, but that doesn't mean they can't look just as good, as proven by this pair of Pumas worn by DJ Big Planet.

Ezekiel’s Blue Pumas

If you're a rap prodigy looking for your big break, you might as well literally following in Ezekiel "Books" Figueroa's shoes with these blue Pumas.

Boo-Boo’s Keds

Just because Boo-Boo was the youngest member of the crew doesn't mean he was inexperienced in the art of looking good. Just check out this sweet pair of Keds he rocked.

MC Luke Skywalker Cage’s Black Pumas

The Notorious Three may have been the Get Down Brothers' rivals on the show, but that shouldn't stop you from purchasing these black Pumas from MC Luke Skywalker Cage.

Thor’s Chuck Taylors

When most people think about old sneakers, they usually imagine Chuck Taylors. So if you're looking for a staple classic, you should look into these Chuck Taylors worn by Thor.

Dizzee’s Red Suede Pumas

Every group has a Dizzee, the more artistic, more creative, less...let's say..."grounded" member. If that describes you, then you need to own a pair of his suede Pumas.

Grand Master Flash’s Red Pumas

You can now dress like one of the pioneers of Hip-Hop with this pair of red Pumas.

Ra-Ra’s Blue Keds

Today, Jordan's are the unofficial show of rap and hip-hop. Back in the late 1970's, that shoe was Keds. And now you can own your own pair courtesy of Ra-Ra.

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