The Next Season of ‘Walking Dead’ Will Contain a Major Time Jump

The Walking Dead is expected to lose a few crucial cast members next season, and many fans are wondering how the show will explain these losses in such a short time frame. And it appears now we know.

The showrunner for The Walking Dead,  Angela Kang, told an audience at an AMC panel how the show will resolve the absences of Lauren Cohan’s Maggie Greene and Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes next season. The answer is: time jump.

“What’s really fun for me is that we’re working a season that has a really fresh look and feel. We’re playing with time in the season so we get to jump forward in the story,” Kang said. “We come in on some pretty fun stuff. I’m really focusing a lot on the core character relationships in the show that have been long-lasting, as well as surfacing all kinds of all our series regulars.”

The comics also had a major time jump as well around this period of the story, although that was mostly to age Carl Grimes to become more mature. That is not a possibility in the current show for…certain reasons.

The show will also enter unchartered territory next season. While Maggie and Rick will leave the show, most likely within the first half of the season, those two characters are still very much alive in the comics. While the show has taken some liberties with the story of the comics, the plot has largely followed its source material up to this point.

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