Samuel L. Jackson Didn’t Know an ‘Unbreakable’ Sequel Was Happening Until He Saw ‘Split’

Last year Split became a huge hit among fans not only for being a great horror movie, but also for secretly setting up a sequel to Unbreakable, an M. Night Shyamalan film starring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. In fact, Jackson himself ended up becoming a fan of the secret as well.

In a new interview, Jackson reveals that he didn’t know Shyamalan was planning to make a sequel to Unbreakable until he saw Split for himself.

“I remember Night called me last year to say, ‘I need you to watch this movie I just made, and after you watch it, I’ll tell you what I’m thinking,’” Jackson said. “So I watched ‘Split,’ and at the end of it, we get Bruce in the café and the woman talks to him about Mr. Glass.”

In Unbreakable, Willis plays a man who finds out he cannot be injured. He ends up getting manipulated by Jackson’s character into getting involved in a series of scenarios to test his superpowers. At the end of Split, Willis’ character is revealed to be in a café watching news reports about a rampage committed by the villain of that movie, played by James McAvoy.

Now Willis, Jackson and McAvoy will star in Glass, a sequel to the previous two movies that will follow Willis’ attempts to take down McAvoy while Jackson’s character continues to pull the strings in the background.

That’s probably the first time an actor’s been told they have a new gig by being forced to watch someone else’s movie.

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