Ryan Reynolds Wants to Do a Deadpool/Guardians of the Galaxy Crossover

When it comes to superheroes and comedies, Deadpool and the Guardians of the Galaxy are pretty much unmatched. And it appears there could be a crossover in the works.

Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and director James Gunn tweeted over the weekend about how much he loved the new Deadpool movie that recently came out. After he sent out his tweet, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds tweeted back a thanks and then asked if Gunn would be interested in doing a crossover between the two franchises, and Gunn said yes!

Now, just because these two want a crossover to happen doesn’t mean it will. But, there is a scenario where the two could come together. The Deadpool franchise is owned by 20th Century Fox, a company that Disney is attempting to purchase right now. And Disney owns Marvel Studios, which obviously owns the rights to Guardians of the Galaxy. So if Disney purchases Fox, Guardians and Galaxy would be owned by the same parent company. So a crossover could become more feasible.

There have also been crossovers between superheroes without the same parent company. Sony owns the rights to the Spiderman character, but agreed to partner with Marvel so he could appear in the Avengers universe. So maybe even if Disney doesn’t buy Fox, the two studios could come together and work out some partnership for a one-time crossover movie.

Let’s just hope Marvel allows it to be R-rated. Because Deadpool in a non-R rated movie would be incredibly lame.

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