Russell Crowe is Auctioning Off Tons of Memorabilia From His Iconic Career

Russell Crowe has been in a number of iconic films, from Gladiator to A Beautiful Mind and so much more. And now fans will be able to own pieces from Crowe’s career that were once owned by the actor himself!

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Sotheby’s Australia will be auctioning off tons of items belonging to Crowe on April 7th. The auction features a lot of Crowe’s non-movie related possessions, including 19 guitars, two motorcycles, a 2001 Mercedes-Benz S500 and plenty of watches and various artwork.

But film fans will want to know about some of the cool memorabilia Crowe’s giving away. Included in the auction are the violin he played in Master and Commander, pieces of his armor from Gladiator, a functioning chariot from the same movie and the chain mail he wore in Robin Hood. The costumes from both Gladiator and Robin Hood are expected to go for around $20,000.

The most unusual item is probably the groin protector Crowe used while filming Cinderella Man.

There are over 200 items going up for auction, and you can view them all right here, although it will cost you $60.

We’re definitely keeping an eye to see how much the groin protector goes for.

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