How Robin Williams Changed the ‘Good Will Hunting’ Script to Make It Better

Robin Williams is one of the most iconic actors of all time, although he only won one Academy Award for his performance in Good Will Hunting. But a new YouTube video shows just how worthy his Oscar was for that film.

The YouTube channel Script to Scene takes a handful of great scenes in movie history and shows how the script for those scenes differ from what actually ended up getting filmed. Their latest video looks at a scene from Good Will Hunting where Williams’ character, Sean Maguire, talks to Matt Damon’s Will Hunting about his girlfriend.

In the original scripted scene (written by Damon and Ben Affleck, who won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for the movie), Maguire talks about his deceased wife always turning off the alarm clock and leaving the closet light on, and how he remembers those little idiosyncrasies about her now to illustrate to Hunting how nobody’s perfect.

However, Williams ad-libs the scene and instead of talking about alarm clocks Maguire talks about how his wife used to fart in her sleep. It’s one of the most famous scenes in the movie as Williams and Damon crack up during it. But while it may seem like they’re just great acting, it’s actually their real reactions to Williams’ hilariously changing the scene. Take a look:

It’s actually not the only scene where Williams improvved. His final line when he reads Hunting’s goodbye note, and says, “Son of a bitch took my line,” is another classic quote from the movie and also was not in the original script.

So maybe Williams should’ve received that Best Original Screenplay award as well.

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