Ralph DeLuca

Specializes in rare and important 20th century art and design with a focus on photography, prints, film posters, and graphic design. Ralph Deluca has one of the world’s premier private collections of posters and entertainment memorabilia, and is currently the largest private buyer in the industry. Areas of concentration include Contemporary and Vintage Photography, Russian Constructivism, German Expressionism, Pop Art, Music Posters, and more

Ralph Deluca has spent the last 18 years working with consultants, collectors, dealers, museums and institutions internationally as well as locally in New York. Ralph has been highlighted in many different international publications, including the Wall Street Journal and BBC News, for his expertise and collecting achievements. All pieces in the collection are hand-selected with a focus on acquiring the very best examples.

Been a collector of the below items for over 25 years and full time private dealer since 2001. In that time I have personally amassed one of the worlds largest collections and have bought and sold over $200,000,000 worth of items. My core clients are celebrity personalities, wealthy collectors all over the world and private and public museums and institutions. I am a know expert in many of these areas and handle more posters by dollar volume then any other dealer. I am a consultant to various places like LACMA and The Academy of Motion Picture arts and sciences.

Areas of Expertise:

Pop Culture

Movie Posters –all sizes and countries

Music Posters – concert posters from 1900-1970

Entertainment memorabilia – scripts, props, artwork, promotional items, awards

Entertainment Photography – movie stills, glamour photography, portraits, set stills, production photographs as well as knowing all the photographers

Records – all forms of collectible rare and valuable records covering all genres of music with a focus on Jazz, Blues, Rock from 78rpm records (1910) through 1980s

Comic Books and Comic art – 1900-1980 Golden, silver and Bronze age comic books and original line art as well as underground and counter culture comics art

Animation art – Production cels, background paintings, storyboards, drawings

Baseball cards 1880s-1960

Sports Photography

Sport and event tickets

Graphic Design – Russian, German, Japanese, Czech, Swiss, Swedish, American and Dutch posters and graphics from 1870-2000

Other areas – toys 19th century-1980, advertising memorabilia, African Americana, postcards, vintage and vernacular photography

“Not only do I have expertise on all these fields, I have a strong working knowledge of the dealers, collectors and consignors of these areas to both private dealers and auction houses.”

Some press about me: