The future is female thanks to lovable Leslie Knope. She’s Pawnee’s sweetheart and the probable President of the USA. Get powered up to be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do! You can see all of the items we’re auctioning off from Parks and Recreation right here.

Leslie’s Eagleton No Money Mo’ Problems Outfit

If you’re like most Pawnee natives, you hate the residents of snooty Eagleton! Snub those stupid snob Eagletonians with this sassy tee.

Knope For Governor T-Shirt

Commemorate Leslie’s dream becoming reality with her successful run for governor. Leslie’s dedication to policy, people and Pawnee finally pays off after years of hard work. Document her historic campaign and victory with this tee.

Leslie’s Rosie The Riveter Costume

Pay homage to the original political cool girl – Rosie the Riveter. The parallels between Rosie and Pawnee’s political sweetheart are uncanny: strong, determined, capable. Plus, Rosie invented Leslie’s MO, “We can do it!”

Leslie’s Flame Duck T-Shirt

Leslie Knope is no lame duck…she’s a flame duck! Leslie gracefully transitions out of her career as city councilwoman by doing what she does best – taking action. Ignite the fire in yourself, you beautiful flaming duck!

Leslie’s Can of Whoop Ass

Oh no she didn’t! Leslie accidentally opened a can of whoop ass on herself after her speech gets stolen. Take a page from her book and always be prepared to serve it up!

Leslie’s Blue Suit & Blouse

Holla Hillary! Leslie takes note from her idol and werks it in her navy pantsuit. You’ll look and feel like a million Eagleton bucks.

Leslie’s Disguise

When you’re going incognito but still need to look cute! Leslie’s hipster spy getup gained her access to Gryzzl, the hottest startup in town.

Framed Picture of Leslie & Ann

A perfect gift to give the Ann to your Leslie, your sister from another mister, your most favorite Galentine. Always remember, “Hoes before bros, uteruses before duderuses, ovaries before brovaries.”

Leslie’s Grey Dress

As a woman working her way up the government ladder, Leslie perfected a look that says, “I’m a professional, powerful person” and also “I ate half a dozen waffles for lunch so need a dress with a little give.”

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