Princess Diana Will Appear in Season Three of ‘The Crown’

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Fans of The Crown have enjoyed watching the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign for the last two seasons. But the next season will bring plenty of changes, as well as the introduction of perhaps the most famous member of the royal family.

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The Hollywood Reporter divulged some details about the The Crown’s upcoming third season. Perhaps the most notable thing they revealed is that Princess Diana will be introduced towards the end of season three. However, don’t expect to see her play a prominent role. Diana’s story will be explored more heavily in the the fourth and fifth seasons of the Netflix show.

It’s unknown right now when the third season of the show will take place. The second season ended in 1964, and some have said the third season could span from that year all the way until 1976.

We do know that all of the main characters are being re-cast to reflect the aging characters on the show. Golden Globe winner Claire Foy is being replaced by another British Golden Globe Winner Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth. It’s also known that Helena Bonham Carter is joining the show as the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret.

It was originally reported that Paul Bettany would take over as Prince Phillip after Doctor Who star Matt Smith played him in the first two seasons, but a scheduling conflict has forced Bettany to drop out and a replacement has not been made.

The Crown has been one of the most awarded Netflix shows since it began, earning dozens of awards and nearly universal critical praise. And considering there are reports that each season of the show costs nearly $100 million to produce, you can bet Netflix is glad it’s getting the attention.

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