Rare Letters Written by Princess Diana Will Be Going Up for Auction

By February 21, 2018 No Comments

Perhaps no member of the British royal family has interested people around the world more than Princess Diana. And a new set of letters up for auction offer a new perspective on the famed humanitarian.

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Henry Aldridge and Son are auctioning off three letters written by Princess Diana to a person who asked for help for a friend who was dying of AIDS. Diana actually sent the woman $812 to help them visit a Catholic shrine in France. Diana wrote them another letter after they sent her a souvenir from their trip.

The letter reveals Diana’s sympathy towards victims of AIDS, a cause she was known for during her life. In one letter she writes, “It is so important that every bit of comfort is given to people like Vincent (the AIDS victim) who, as you know, need all the care and help we can give them.”

The letters were written in 1996, about a year before Diana’s death.

Last year letters sent by Diana to Buckingham officials talking about Prince Harry’s troubles at boarding school were auctioned offer for thousands of dollars, and these new letters are expected to go for about the same.

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