In honor of the recent finale to the popular hit comedy show The Mindy Project, Screenbid has teamed up with the makers of the show to auction off tons of items directly from actual sets. It’s the perfect way for fans of the show to hold on to a piece of the show even though it’s over.

And you don’t have to just take our word for it. Here is a roundup of some of the press The Mindy Project auction has received.

You can also view the full auction right here on Screenbid.

The Mindy Project is auctioning off its best outfits, props

The Hulu series partnered with ScreenBid to host an auction featuring some of the series’ best costumes and props from its six-season run. Along with the aforementioned pen, other items up for grabs include the yellow dress Mindy wore that time she and Danny got stuck in an elevator and the fake computer monitor (a.k.a. a cardboard box that previously housed a real computer monitor) that once greeted Mindy at her desk with a fake TMZ story about her.

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Costumes, props from ‘The Mindy Project’ heading for auction

Mindy Lahiri’s colorful costumes, accessories and a slew of amusing props from “The Mindy Project” are going up for auction to mark the show’s series finale.

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‘The Mindy Project’ comes to an end — but you can own the cute costumes!

Now that the show has aired its final episode on Hulu, fans will have a chance to bid on some of the coolest memorabilia from the hit comedy, including props, accessories and dozens of costumes worn by Kaling throughout the show’s six-season run.

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