President Obama in Talks to Create New Shows for Netflix

By March 10, 2018 No Comments

In 2016, Americans elected a reality show star to become president. But in 2018, it will be a president becoming a TV star instead.

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The New York Times reported that President Barack Obama is in negotiations with Netflix to create a series of shows that will allow the former world leader to remain on the global stage. It’s not entirely clear what the actual content of the show would be about, but it will supposedly not focus on responding to President Donald Trump and the Republican Party, but rather on inspirational stories that are important to President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

One idea would see President Obama moderating discussions about some of the issues that were important to his presidency, such as health care and climate change. Other ideas would see the former president and first lady adding their names to documentaries and shows that are consistent with their beliefs and values.

President Obama has kept a relatively low-profile since leaving the White House in January 2017. This past January, Obama appeared on David Letterman’s new Netflix show and discussed how some networks manipulate facts and the truth.

So we may be seeing a lot more of President Obama in the near future.

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