Check Out the Trailer for the ‘Predator’ Reboot

Predator is a classic 1980’s action movie about a group of soldiers taking on a dangerous alien killer, and it looks like the newest addition to the franchise is attempting to capture that magic.

The Predator is the fourth movie in the franchise and will take place between Predator 2 and Predators. So it’s a sequel, prequel and reboot for the beloved franchise. Like the other movies, it’s about a group of soldiers taking on the dangerous alien killers. The movie also has a great cast including Sterling K. Brown, Keegan-Michael Key and more. Take a look at the trailer for the movie:

So not only will they have to take on one alien killing machine, but they’ll have to take on two of them!

Too bad there’s no Arnold Schwarzenegger in this one. That’s the only way this could be more badass.

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