Portia de Rossi Retired from Acting, But Got Put into ‘Arrested Development’ Anyway

Arrested Development’s fifth season is coming up in a few short weeks, and fans are eager to see more adventures from the Bluth family. But it turns out one of the Bluth siblings almost didn’t appear in the new episodes.

Portia De Rossi, who plays Lindsey Bluth Funke on Arrested Development, told Ellen Degeneres (who also happens to be her wife) that she recently decided to retire from acting and move on to another phase in her life. But De Rossi told Degeneres that even though she told this to Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz, he decided to write Lindsey into the show’s fifth season anyways.

According to De Rossi, Lindsey will appear in five episodes of the show’s fifth season. But it’s unclear where in the season those episodes will be. While the fifth season will comprise 16 episodes, Netflix is splitting the season up into two eight episode chunks. The first eight episodes will air at the end of May and the next eight will appear on the service later this year.

So perhaps Lindsey will be written out during the first eight episodes of the season and not appear in the second chunk, or she’ll just have a reduced role in all 16 episodes.

Of course, the bigger question is how De Rossi’s retirement will affect the possibility of the show coming back for a sixth season. But perhaps Hurwitz will be able to convince her to come back for a second go-around.

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