Peter Jackson Could Be Involved in Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’ Series

When Amazon announced their Lord of the Rings television series, many people wondered how it would differ from the three movies based on the books. Well, it turns out they may be more similar than you’d expect.

A new report about Amazon’s production of Lord of the Rings says that the streaming service is actively reaching out to writers and directors who are interested in the series. One of the names that’s on Amazon’s list is none other than Peter Jackson, the director of the three Lord of the Rings movies as well as the Hobbit prequel films. While the report mentions only Jackson, they also point out that he’s one of several people pitching ideas to Amazon. It’s possible Jackson’s ideas could be used, but he wouldn’t take part in writing or directing the series and simply stick to producing.

Not much is known about Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series, other than it will be a prequel to the first movie, Fellowship of the Ring. We also know Amazon is reportedly willing to spend $1 billion on the series, and that the show must enter production within the next two years or the streaming service will lose the rights.

Having Peter Jackson involved in the Amazon series could be both a good and bad thing. On one hand, his movies were hugely popular and he seems to understand how to re-work the original source material into an entertainment product that appeals to the masses. But, it would also be nice to see someone else give their take on Tolkien’s work and get a different perspective on Middle Earth.

Either way, this could be the show that helps us all get through our Game of Thrones withdrawals when the HBO show ends next year.

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