People are Still Arguing About the ‘Seinfeld’ Finale

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the Seinfeld finale, an episode that was quite polarizing among fans of the NBC hit show. And even 20 years later, people are still arguing about it.

Seinfeld fans took to Twitter yesterday to once again share their opinions on the show’s controversial finale. Some people continued to call it disappointing and one of the worst episodes of the entire series. But others did come out and support the finale, and argue that it was a fitting end for the show. Here some of the tweets:

Basically between Seinfeld and The Sopranos, it seems we’ll never agree on whether the shows ended on a good or bad note.

Of course, it could be argued that the real finale for Seinfeld actually occurred on Curb Your Enthusiasm when a fictional version of Larry David decides to create a reunion show to impress his ex-wife. There were multiple scenes of the fictional reunion throughout the show’s sixth season, and some have even edited those clips together into a single episode.

If only they had made the reunion show for real.

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