Last week, The Mindy Project aired its final episode ever, breaking the hearts of millions of fans who will never get to see any more of the show. But it’s not all bad, because here at Screenbid we’re auctioning off hundreds of props and costumes used throughout the filming of the show.

Now while there’s plenty of items that were only seen in one episode in the auction, there are also several props that made repeat appearances throughout the series’ run. Perhaps most importantly is Mindy’s Lab Coat.

Throughout the series, Mindy Lahiri can be seen wearing her coat while running her fertility practice. And yes, this is the actual coat worn by Mindy in the show!

This may be the only item in the entire auction that was seen throughout the entire duration of The Mindy Project. So if you’re a hardcore fan that’s seen every episode of the show, then you need a prop that’s been through it all too!

To bid on Mindy’s lab coat, click on this link here. You can also check out all of the available props for auction right here, or take a look at a handful of the items below.


Morgan’s Purple Click Glasses

You need these glasses worn by fan favorite and lovable loon, Morgan Tookers. Plus it’s a less extreme way to commemorate the scene-stealing character than getting a “no more stealing cars” tattoo!

Danny’s Chewed Pen

Although small and somewhat ordinary, this pen is one of the most meaningful pieces of the prop closet. This very pen opened the floodgates to Mindy and Danny’s secret romance.

Mindy’s Danny Mobile for Leo’s Crib

What baby wouldn’t love the adorable yet slightly terrifying faces of Dr. Danny Castellano drifting above them all night? Treat the little Leo in your life to this sleepy time surprise.

The Peter Prentice Collection

We all know best friend’s aren’t a person, they’re a tier. Honor a member of Mindy’s top tier by making space on your shelves for good old Peter Prentice.

Peerson, Castellano, Reed & Prentice, OB/GYN Sign

Another ex bites the dust but this time Mindy has the beautiful reminder of her could-be last name plastered on her practice’s door, now you can too!

Brian the Skeleton From Phlebotomy

Practically the star of Phlebotomy, Brian the Skeleton stole the scene, episode after episode. Brian was a constant in the series – through breakups, staff shakeups and has seen some stuff.

Danny’s Nightstand for Mindy

The turning point for Mindy and Danny’s relationship is all thanks to this adorable little nightstand. Danny finally made space for Mindy in his life and now you can make space at your man’s house with it too!

Mindy’s I Love You Too Costume

Mindy’s infamous “I love you too” costume. Looks like dressing like an adult Madeline really gets the guys – go on and test it out yourself!

Mindy’s Microwave Cooking For One Book

Why don’t you get it out of the way and buy this for yourself so you don’t have to face the pain and humiliation of a friend buying it for you on your birthday like Mindy. Ouch!

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