No matter what your feelings may be towards Danny, you have to admit — the man has style! His understated yet classic looks were a staple of the show and he somehow always managed to make even the not-so-sexy looks sexy (AKA his red glasses). So to honor one of the best-dressed men on television, we’ve put together a list of Danny’s top eight outfits from the show that you can actually buy! That’s right, the man in your life can now look like a real-life Danny Castellano! Take a look at our favorite Castellano outfits from these wonderful past 6 seasons.

Danny’s Red Click Glasses

We saved the best for last — Danny’s iconic red click glasses! Only he could make glasses that connect in the middle sexy! Even though Danny is a smooth-talking, New-Yorker, we loved seeing his inner dork come out with these specs.

Danny’s Black Jacket Outfit

This racer jacket ensemble screams bad boy! We always loved when Danny dressed a bit edgier and embraced his New York city slicker persona. This outfit not only meets, but exceeds, our fashion goals!

Danny’s Hot Pink ‘DIAMOND’ Thong

Remember Diamond Dan? How could we forget! Let your man take a walk on the wild side and get him this hilarious rhinestone thong. We’re positive it’ll make him laugh and make for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day present!

Danny’s Grey Blazer Outfit

You can never go wrong with an understated blazer! Take a hint from Danny and make sure your guy owns a simple, neutral blazer. It goes with anything and works for almost any occasion!

Danny’s Lab Coat & Scrubs

If you’re looking for a typical Danny Castellano item, his lab coat and scrubs are the way to go! And if you purchase both Mindy and Danny’s lab coats, you’ll be all prepared with the perfect couples costume for next Halloween!

Danny’s Khaki Jacket Outfit

This khaki jacket outfit is the epitome of fall! From the color to the cut, this jacket screams autumn. It’s time to trade in your man’s puffy, worn-out jacket for this sleek and stylish trench coat.

Danny’s Brown Jacket Outfit

Who doesn’t love a man in a leather jacket? Danny is known for his signature Staten Island, tough guy look and this brown jacket is just the ticket! A perfect everyday piece that every man should have in his closet.

Danny’s Christmas Party Outfit

If you’re hoping for your man to impress the family this holiday season, have him take a fashion note from Danny! Fans went wild for this casual but classy outfit he wore on Season 2’s Christmas party episode.

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