The Trailer for the New ‘Halloween’ Looks Absolutely Terrifying

When people found out a new Halloween movie was in the works, they couldn’t wait to see the newest iteration in the horror franchise. And now that we’ve seen the first trailer for the movie, we know they’re only going to get more excited.

Universal Pictures released the first trailer for Halloween, which will come out this October. In the new movie, Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis) is still preparing for the day Michael Myers comes back. And, of course, Myers escapes his psychiatric hospital and goes on a murder rampage, and Laurie’s the only one who can stop him. Take a look at the trailer:

In Halloween 2, it’s revealed that Strode is actually the sister of Myers. However, the new movie retcons the franchises so that everything after the original movie is no longer considered canon. So in this universe, Myers is shot by Dr. Loomis and returns to psychiatric care.

Based off this trailer, we can say this could definitely be one of the best horror movies in years.

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