When it comes to Hollywood remakes, it seems like no film is invincible no matter how iconic. And while most of these remakes never reach the level of the originals, could a new one finally rise to the challenge?

Death Wish is a 1974 movie about a man who becomes a vigilante after his wife is murdered in a home invasion. Perhaps it was inevitable that the movie would be remade at some point by Hollywood. But at least they seem to be taking a legitimate shot at making it good.

The new Death Wish stars Bruce Willis in the role that made Charles Bronson famous. The cast also features Vincent D’Onofrio, fresh from Daredevil success, and Breaking Bad’s Dean Norris. The movie isn’t changing the plot much from the original film (wife murdered in home invasion, husband becomes gun-wielding vigilante), but sometimes it’s best not to mess with what works.

Here’s the newest trailer for the new Death Wish:

It may be too early to tell if the new Death Wish will be any good, but it definitely looks like Bruce Willis is still 100 percent capable of kicking butt in whatever movie he’s in.

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