Netflix is Trying Out a New Ultra Membership

Many love to use Netflix to watch new movies and TV shows, and others just like to watch The Office for the 48th time. But now Netflix is introducing a new way to use their streaming service.

Netflix is currently considering introducing a new Ultra tier membership. Ultra members would get access to HDR video and 4K streaming on up to four devices simultaneously. This slightly differs from the current Premium plan by offering the HDR video, although rumors suggest that the Premium plan will drop from allowing 4K streaming on four devices simultaneously down to two.

The Ultra plan is expected to cost $17 per month, $3 more per month than the Premium plan and $6 per month more than the Standard plan that most of us probably have.

Netflix is currently trying out the new Ultra plan in Europe, and they note that the price is not set in stone. Part of the experiment is seeing what price point customers are willing to pay for the Ultra experience, so it’s possible that $17 could be less (or possibly even more!).

Of course, if you don’t have an HDR 4K television, there would be no point in getting the Ultra service unless you want to pay for options you don’t have available to you.

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