Netflix is Making Its Most Expensive Movie Ever With Ryan Reynolds

Netflix has begun making bigger and bigger movies ever since it began dipping its toes into creating original content. But they’re getting ready to embark on their most expensive project yet, alongside Ryan Reynolds.

The streaming service announced it will release a movie called Six Underground starring Reynolds that is tentatively scheduled to come out next summer. The movie is expected to be the most expensive Netflix movie to date, with a budget set at $150 million. That eclipses the budget set for Martin Scorsese’s Netflix movie, The Irishman, that has a budget of around $125 million (although some believe it may actually be more expensive).

Not many details were given about Six Underground. We know the movie will star Reynolds, and will be directed by famed action director Michael Bay. We also know Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, the writers of the two Deadpool movies, are penning the script. And we also know it’s being described as a “high testosterone mission movie.”

Considering it’s reuniting Reynolds with his Deadpool writers, we’re guessing the movie will have a similar mix of comedy and action. And with Bay directing, we’re also guessing there will be tons of explosions.

But the real news is how much Netflix is willing to spend on these movies. Soon they’ll be spending as much as Disney does on their Marvel and Star Wars movies. And with a budget that large, will Netflix give the movie an extended run in actual movie theaters, or continue to give limited-time theater runs like they’ve done with their previous movies?

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