Netflix Created a Podcast to Go Behind-the-Scenes of Their Popular Documentaries

The only problem with binge-watching Netflix documentaries is that you can finish them so quickly, you’re left wanting more. But the streaming service has solved that issue with a new podcast.

Netflix recently launched a new podcast called “You Can’t Make This Up.” Each episode will feature a comedian, journalist or podcaster interviewing the makers of one of Netflix’s many original documentaries. For instance, the first episode features an interview with the directors of the recent hit Wild Wild Country, a documentary about a cult in Oregon during the 1980’s. The next episode will revolve around The Keepers, a documentary from last year about the unsolved murder of a Baltimore nun.

So now you’ll be able to learn new things about your favorite Netflix shows, as well as find a way to enjoy Netflix content while driving to work. Unless you’ve been watching Netflix while driving, which we highly recommend you not to do.

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