NBC Says ‘Friends’ and ‘Seinfeld’ are Not Coming Back, But ‘The Office’ and ‘West Wing’ Could

By April 11, 2018 No Comments

With the recent success of the revivals of Will and Grace and Roseanne, many networks are looking into bringing back some of their classic shows for new seasons. But if you’re a fan of NBC shows, we have some good and bad news.

NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt appeared recently at an event thrown by the Hollywood Reporter. At the event, Greenblatt was asked about the recent success of these sitcom revivals and about the possibility of more coming. When asked about other popular NBC shows possibly getting revived, Greenblatt replied, “We can’t just reboot everything.”

Specifically, Greenblatt says there will not be a Friends revival, and also said Seinfeld is “virtually guaranteed” to not come back. He also said, “I’d love to have the Cheers reboot if it were 20 years ago,” so we can assume that’s off the list as well.

However, there were a few shows Greenblatt said were likely to come back. He said a revival of The Office is possible, although it would not feature the full cast from the original series. He also said there were good odds that West Wing could return as well, and that possibly the only thing stopping it is Aaron Sorkin’s involvement in several other projects right now.

The biggest issue to reviving many of these shows, according to Greenblatt, is money. Many of the actors from these shows are demanding more salary than the network is willing to offer, although he didn’t mention any names.

So while it doesn’t look like NBC will be heading back to Scranton, Pennsylvania or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue any time in the immediate future, it may not be too far off.

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