The Office is one of the greatest comedies in television history. Viewers loved the antics of the Dunder Mifflin employees in Scranton, Pennsylvania. And ever since the show’s run ended in 2013, fans everywhere have been looking for something to fill that hole in their hearts.

Well, that wait may now be over. The Hollywood Reporter reported (hence their name) that NBC was considering reviving The Office. Earlier this year, NBC brought back Will & Grace for a new season after more than 10 years since its final season. The success of that revival has apparently spawned the interest in The Office news.

Unfortunately, there are very few details about the possible revival, but there is one thing that is known: Steve Carrell will not be involved. Carrell played regional manager Michael Scott for the first seven seasons of The Office before leaving the show prior to the final two. Beyond that, not much is known. Most believe that some members of the previous cast would return, but not all of them and the revival would introduce new characters as well.

It does not seem that NBC has reached out to members of The Office cast yet. Angela Kinsey, who played Angela Martin during all nine seasons of the show’s run, sent a tweet yesterday implying that neither she nor fellow cast member Creed Bratton had been notified about the possible revival:

It’s somewhat hard to see what a revived version of The Office would look like. The show’s finale saw many characters leaving Dunder Mifflin to pursue other opportunities. Likewise, many of the show’s stars have gone on to other projects and may not be available to return.

But if they can bring anywhere close to the same level of humor as the original series, then we support a revival.

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