Movie Theaters Put Out Strobe Lights Warning for ‘Incredibles 2’ After Fan Protest

The Incredibles 2 broke a record for the highest grossing opening box office weekend for an animated movie ever this week, but some fans were put off by the use of strobe lights in the film. But now Disney and Pixar are working to help prevent viewers from possibly experiencing the side effects.

Movie theaters will now issue a warning prior to Incredibles 2 screenings about strobe lights used in the movie. Apparently the weapon used by the film’s villain uses flashing lights, and they reoccur throughout the movie. A Twitter user posted about how these effects could possibly affect people with epilepsy or migraines, and that viewers should be aware going into the movie. The tweet received tons of attention:

In fact, the tweet received so much attention that Disney and Pixar asked theaters to include these warnings before screenings of the film. So now even viewers who aren’t aware of the strobe lights will be properly informed.

See, even giant corporations care about their customers!

But if you don’t suffer from those types of conditions, then you should definitely see Incredibles 2 because it is…well…incredible!

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