Over the course of 6 seasons, Mindy Lahiri has rocked some envy-worthy looks! From casual get-ups to glitz and glamor, she seems to always have the perfect outfit for every occasion. So it’s not surprising many fans would want to emulate her many looks.

Luckily, anyone who wants to dress like Mindy Lahiri can do so! We have many of her most iconic looks available for auction right now. In fact, we might have more than you can handle. So to help you out, we assembled some of Mindy’s most iconic fashion moments.

You can view all of our items from The Mindy Project right here.

Mindy’s May Divorce Be With You Dress

Even when Mindy was down in the dumps after her and Ben’s divorce, she still managed to look fabulous in this pastel, lace dress. There’s no doubt she’s the envy of every ex!

Mindy’s Heart Patterned Jacket

Three pieces in one? Yes, please! This stylish sweater-skirt-coat trio is worn in the episode where Mindy confronts Ben about his ex-wife… yikes. We’re glad she had this outfit to give her that extra boost of confidence!

Mindy’s Gold-Colored Sari

Even though Mindy is known for her modern style, we loved when she embraced her Indian roots and donned this ornate sari. True, she only wore it to get Leo into a good preschool, but there’s no denying this look is to die for!

Mindy’s Purple Burnout Outfit

We all know that Mindy is one hot mama, but her stay-at-home MILF outfits were more than we could’ve ever dreamed of! This look in particular is giving off some serious 1950’s chic vibes.

Mindy’s Lab Coat

If you’re looking for a classic Mindy Lahiri piece, her lab coat is the way to go! This lab coat has been worn in countless episodes and makes for a great future Halloween costume.

Mindy’s Stanford Outfit

Mindy crushed her first day at Stanford when she wore this sassy black and white sequin dress! Leave it to Lahiri to bring her fashion A-game, even on a college campus!

Mindy’s Annette Castellano Is My Nemesis Costume

Mindy may not have won Annette over at their first meeting, but she sure won us over with this magenta dress! This sexy yet sleek ensemble is perfect for both day and night.

Mindy’s First Kiss with Danny Outfit

Cute, casual, comfy — what more could you ask for in an outfit? Not to mention it’s the exact outfit that Mindy wore when she and Danny shared their first kiss ever.

Mindy Thanksgiving Seduction Outfit

If you need some fashion inspiration this Thanksgiving — look no further! This iconic outfit debuted on her Thanksgiving episode and gave us all a quote to live by, “I just figured if I’m gonna be a mess, I might as well be a hot mess.”

Mindy’s First Episode Date Dress

Nobody can forget that fiery red dress from the pilot episode! Mindy wore this on her first date with fellow Office cast mate, Ed Helms. Even though the date didn’t go so well, we can’t deny she did it style.

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