Now that winter is approaching, all we want to do is sip some hot chocolate, cozy by the fire and re-watch The Mindy Project! It’s no secret that Mindy has the best fashion sense and her pajamas are no exception. These past six seasons have been filled with fun and flirty pajama sets that we all want to get our hands on — and now you can! We’ve put together a list of five of Mindy’s cutest pajama sets that you can actually purchase! You heard us, it’s time to ditch those old sweatshirts and sweatpants and snuggle in style!

Mindy’s Eiffel Tower Pajamas

Wintertime in Paris is always a must! But if you’re not quite ready to hop on a plane, transport yourself there in these stylish Eiffel towel pajamas! You’ll be saying,“Bonjour,” in no time!

Mindy’s White Floral Pajamas

Dreaming of warmer times? Look no further! Remind yourself of springtime in Mindy’s floral pajama set and start making plans for when better weather hits. Spring is just around the corner!

Mindy’s Lavender Nightie

The best part of this nighttime look? No pants! Get comfy in this feminine frock and stay warm this season with its’ three quarters sleeves. Cute and practical? Yes, please!

Mindy’s Later Baby Periwinkle Pajamas

While Mindy is not known for simplicity when it comes to fashion, this relaxed pajama set defies the odds! Settle in for the night in this soft, periwinkle pajama set.

Mindy’s Sexy Teal Outfit

If you’re looking to spice things up on one of those cold, winter nights, we have just the thing for you! Sexy it up in this Mindy-inspired teal cami, shorts and robe trio.

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