Mike Myers Wants to Make a New ‘Austin Powers’ Movie From Dr. Evil’s Perspective

The Austin Powers movies are some of the best parody films ever made, as well as just being some of the best comedies ever made. But it turns out there may be some more shagadelic shenanigans in the future.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Mike Myers discussed the possibility of reviving the Austin Powers franchise. Myers, who played several roles in the movie including the titular Powers and also wrote all three movies, says he wants to do a movie told from Dr. Evil’s perspective. Dr. Evil is the villain of the movies, also played by Myers, who’s a parody of the Blofeld character from the James Bond movies.

Myers seemed to imply that he wanted to remake the original three movies from Dr. Evil’s perspective, which would be somewhat difficult considering a lot of the original movies already featured his character. But still, we’d be down for more Dr. Evil.

Of course, we wouldn’t mind a regular sequel featuring Austin Powers and Dr. Evil in equal parts. Or a movie with just Austin Powers. Or actually anything with Mike Myers in it. We need a Mike Myers renaissance!

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