The Get Down

Getting out of the Bronx and into Manhattan as a disco star was Mylene Cruz’s dream on The Get Down. It’s possibly why so many fans could relate. Who hasn’t dreamt of becoming a star and escaping their hometown?

But not only was Mylene a super-talented disco singer, she was also one of the best dressed women on television. She rocked those 1970’s fashions better than almost anyone on the show.

If you’re a fan of Mylene, then you need to get one of these mementos from The Get Down that mark her rise to fame.

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Zeke’s Valuables Box

It’s impossible to talk about Mylene Cruz without mentioning Ezekiel Figuero. Zeke was Mylene’s number one fan and biggest motivator during her climb to the top, she even made her way into Zeke’s box of valuables.

Mylene’s Goodbye Blouse and Skirt

Mylene says goodbye to Zeke in this dress as she heads for California in the series finale. Even though we’ll never know for sure how high Mylene’s star reached fans are sure she went far.

Mylene’s Cream Church Gown

Even the truest divas come from humble beginnings. And just like her diva persona being hidden under the look of an obedient pastor’s daughter, Mylene wears this gown under her church robe during a pivotal performance.

Mylene’s Maroon Church Robe

Mylene was never afraid to chase her dream, but she never lost her roots. This church robe is a symbol of where she came from and what she overcame to become a star.

Mylene’s Rubicon Performance Outfit

Mylene officially sheds her doting church girl persona—and just about everything else—when she performs for Robert Stigwood at the Ruby Con.

Mylene’s Album – 4 of 4

“Set Me Free” is a banger for any decade. Get a hard copy of Mylene’s first single so she can take you to church with this disco hit.

Mylene’s Cassette Player with Suicide Tape

Not every step of Mylene’s rise to the top was good, this tape and player contain the suicide message from Pastor Cruz. Learning the truth from this tape is the last thing Mylene needs to stand up for herself.

Mylene’s ‘Set Me Free’ Recording Costume

The first single from Mylene Cruz and the Soul Madonnas put them on the map, and the dress Mylene wore during the recording will be remembered by fans forever.

Mylene’s First Outfit

We hear Mylene before we see her in The Get Down, singing the way red velvet feels. But in this outfit she looks just about as good.

Mylene’s Les Inferno Costume

Mylene’s trip to the nightclub Les Inferno was her first step toward becoming the Brox’s fresh-faced disco queen. Get your hands on the iconic gold dress she wore the night it all started.

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